July, 2013

Why I’ve Graduated from Gapper to Backpacker

Created: 22 Jul 2013 / Categories: Blog

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve just changed my name from @maccathegapper to @backpackermacca. There is a reason for this – I’ve finally graduated from gapper to backpacker.

Pride and Passion on the Gold Coast

Created: 15 Jul 2013 / Categories: Blog

With the countdown until the final day, it's all about pride and passion, the honour of being a part of one of the most prestigious tours in the world. And of course it's about winning, at all costs.

A New Year’s Eve with a Bang

Created: 08 Jul 2013 / Categories: Blog

I thought I'd seen some fireworks displays in my life, but for me the king of all fireworks displays was at Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia in 2009 / 2010. For me, it's one of the places in ...

A Christmas Like No Other

Created: 01 Jul 2013 / Categories: Blog

Sitting around in shorts and a t-shirt in 30 degree heat, with our smorgasbord of food in front of us, we cheers-ed in as many languages as there were nationalities around the table. The feast ...