Just go out there and have some fun

Travelling is one of the greatest things you can do with your life. There, I’ve said it, but I truly believe it.

Travelling is about experiencing new cultures and societies, experiencing new sights and attractions, and even experiencing a new way of life. Every new country you go to offers a new educational experience, and you’ll never learn more about a particular place than immersing yourself, truly immersing yourself, into everything that’s going on around you.

There are a million and one things that I love about travelling, but here are five reasons why you should travel:

1. New Experiences

I’ve already said that you’re going to be experiencing new cultures and societies, but I really do believe this is one of the most important things about travelling.

Let me paint you a picture. You’re in Penang, Malaysia, and someone at your hostel recommends the night market as having some of the best street food around, so you decide to go. You arrive and see there’s stall after stall selling some weird and wonderful little things you’ve never even seen before in your life. All of a sudden, a local Malay asks if you’d like to try a deep-fried scorpion, free of charge. You’re a little confused and unsure whether you should accept, but you do because you don’t want to offend him. It’s crunchy and doesn’t taste all that bad, a bit like a pork scratching. You thank the vendor (in Malay of course) and buy a fruit shake to wash it down. When you get back to the hostel, you bump into the guy who recommended the night market in the first place, and he asks how it was. And your response? You say, “it was like nothing I’ve ever done before. It was a completely new experience.”

And that’s what’s so great about travelling. This isn’t a one off. This will be happening to you day after day, week after week, month after month.

2. The Food

I was once faced with a dilemma; travel to the Philippines for a few days (involving a few flights and boats) or travel back to Thailand. Usually, I’d always travel to somewhere new. However, on this particular occasion, I remembered how good the food was in Thailand. And do you know what, I thought, “I need some pad thai, I need some massaman curry in my life,” and I spent 10 days in foody-heaven, eating fresh fish every day and gorging myself mad.

If you love your take-away, your curries, your Chinese, even your kebabs, I can assure you they’re simple out of this world in their home countries. You just need to get there.


3. The Weather

When I travelled on my round the world trip I chased the sun for two years. There came a point where I couldn’t remember the last time it rained, or even the last time it was cold. It may be self-indulgent to laze on a beach soaking up the rays, but why? If you want to tan for a couple of weeks, then tan!

If you do a little research you really can chase the sun, much like I did, and get away from the grey and dreary weather that is undoubtedly outside your window right now as you’re reading this.

4. The Language

I can say hello and thank you in countless languages; I can order food in Chinese; I can ask for directions in Hindi. This may not seem that impressive (and it really isn’t), but it does make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t go to a new country and be ignorant. Learn how to say hello and thank you in the local language. The more you learn, the more the locals will respect and like you, and once you’ve won their respect, it opens up new doors. Who knows, you may even be invited out for a beer with the locals!

5. The People

The people you’ll meet while travelling will change your life. You’ll make friends from all over the world, pick up a couple of boyfriends / girlfriends along the way (hopefully not at the same time!), and once again learn so much about someone else’s country and culture. Personally, I think this is the best way to do it!

When I travel I love meeting new people. The best thing to do is sit in a hostel common room, crack open a beer, and sit in a spot where people can’t ignore you. Once you’ve said hello, you’re good to go. And who knows, maybe you’ll even meet someone super special on your travels.

So, there are five reasons why you should travel. Why waste your time doing things you don’t enjoy; just go out there and have some fun…