Photo of the week 2014 – Week 19

Life is all about the simple pleasures, isn’t it? Well, what could be more pleasurable than supping on an ice old beer while watching the sun set on the beach? That’s exactly what I was doing almost two years ago.

Returning from a press trip to Australia, I decided to stop off in Malaysia for 10 days. To be more precise, a couple of small islands found just off the north east coast of Malaysia otherwise known as the Perhentian Islands.

I had been to Malaysia a fair few times before but I had never made it up to the Perhentian Islands, which is strange because I had only ever heard two things about the islands – two things that should sell a place to any backpacker. These were, in no particular order, one) the Perhentian Islands threw one helluva party, and two) the Perhentian Islands offer some of the best diving in all of Southeast Asia.

For those of you who know me, you should know there are two things I love in life (though not simultaneously, and trust me, I’ve tried), and these are partying and diving. So, to find myself on an island that’s main activities are partying and diving, well, you can imagine how happy I was.

I’m sure I don’t really need to go into what I was doing every day – that should be pretty evident by now – but every now and then we all need some down time, and as life is all about the simple pleasures, what better way to finish the day than with a ice cold beer on the beach? Throw sun et into the mix and the answer is simple – there’s not much…