Photo of the week 2014 – Week 22

We could barely drive our way through the dozens of people on the street. It seemed as if the whole village was celebrating; in fact, the whole village was celebrating.

As we inched our way down the street, people would peer through the window to see who it was, often stopping to say hello or pass over some unknown phrase in Croatian, always with a smile on their face.

The mood was infectious; everyone was talking and laughing, treating each other like family. By the sides of the street, trellis after trellis held a veritable bevvy of bottles of booze, and people were only willing to imbibe to their hearts content.

Eventually, one reveller stopped our car, and quickly two glasses of fruit brandy were thrust into our hands. Sarah-Jayne and I looked at each other – a look that said “we have to do this” – and we couldn’t help but be caught up in the whole situation.

“What are we celebrating?” I asked.

“A wedding!” was the response.

But not just a wedding, two weddings on the same day; a rare event in the small fishing village of Murter on the coast of Croatia, hence the festival-like atmosphere and celebrations.

Once we made it through the throng of people, Sarah-Jayne and I parked our car only too happy to get among the masses and celebrate with them.

As evening drew in, everyone moved the party from the street into their houses, and so Sarah-Jayne and I took the opportunity to clear our heads and walk down to the harbour.

The sun was setting – a fitting way to end the day – and it truly was a magical moment in Murter…