Iceland; a country of enchanted landscapes

Iceland is a country of enchanted landscapes; Iceland is a country for the landscape photographer.

Wherever you turn, you are faced with an endless beauty. Drive in any direction for an hour or two and you will see the landscape drastically change. The one thing you won’t see is tourists.

Exploring Iceland is like wandering through a child’s fairy tale, one with elves and trolls. The landscape seems to reflect that as everything seems so much larger, and as you look out onto a vast expanse of land where humans have had very little interaction it is easy to let your imagination run wild.

Whether you are standing on the black sand at Vik or feeling the full force of one of Iceland’s many waterfalls, it is the elements that rule this country; it is the elements that have sculpted Iceland into a country of enchanted landscapes.

Here’s my photo essay of Iceland. Hopefully I’ve captured some of the magic of it…indexThe black sand beach at Vik
Everyone loves a waterfall

Wishes floating down the river

A solitary cabin

Column basalt cliffs at Vik

Boulders and black sand

Through the letter box

At the top of Skógafoss waterfall

Reflections in the window

Walking to Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Iceland; an enchanted landscape

From pillar to post

An endless sea, a vast landscape

Walking across the bridge at Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Captivating cliffs at Vik

Iceland; a landscape photographers paradise

An enchanted cave at Vik

A time for Christmas