Photo of the week 2014 – Week 17

Two beedy black eyes watched our every move, ready to leap into action at any sign of weakness on our behalf. It wasn’t long before they were joined by another two. Then another two.

Moments later at least half a dozen lorikeets were perched in a nearby tree casting their eyes over us as we ate breakfast.

Bright blue, orange and green, they brought colour to our slow lazy morning by the beach.

We camped the night before somewhere, nowhere, along the east coast of Australia, and our morning ritual of breakfast by the beach was fast becoming routine.

Every now and then we would toss a morsel of bread in the direction of the lorikeets and watch them squabble over the crumbs.

As morning passed, these somewhat patient lorikeets were getting braver and braver as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky.

Eventually, one hopped off his perch and onto our table, its head slightly tilted to one side as if apologising for the intrusion.

Commending the vivaciousness of this colourful creature, we gave it some bread and allowed it pride and place on the table.

At this acceptance, the rest of the lorikeets flew down to the table in hope of similar treatment.

All of a sudden we were sharing breakfast with these lorikeets quite literally eating out the palms of our hands. There is something quite satisfying having a bird peck peck peck away at your hand, something quite metronomic in the action.

As we ate all the bread and the lorikeets the crumbs, they soon grew bored of our company flying off to go about their business for the day.

Soon after we jumped in the car to do the same and to continue our road trip up the east coast, happy and content to share our breakfast with lorikeets on the beach…