A Magical Moment in Murter

Created: 26 May 2014 / Categories: Blog

We could barely drive our way through the dozens of people on the street. It seemed as if the whole village was celebrating; in fact, the whole village was celebrating.

Not Just Another Border Crossing

Created: 19 May 2014 / Categories: Blog

Once you’ve been on the road for a while, you’ll realise that border crossings are their own-mini adventures just waiting to happen. However, this is not just another border crossing. It is oh ...

Diving in Hurghada, Egypt

Created: 15 May 2014 / Categories: Blog

The Red Sea in Egypt is without a doubt one of the most famous and most popular dive locations in the world, and with reason. To prove the point, here's my photo essay of diving in the Red Sea.

Fishing in Hoi An, Vietnam

Created: 12 May 2014 / Categories: Blog

Arms outstretched, he flings the fishing net into the air. It soon spreads out to resemble a spider’s web before landing with a delicate “pssshhhh”. Never had fishing in Hoi Am, Vietnam, been so ...

A Beer on the Beach

Created: 05 May 2014 / Categories: Blog

Life is all about the simple pleasures, isn’t it? Well, what could be more pleasurable than supping on an ice old beer while watching the sun set on the beach? That’s exactly what I was doing ...