Photo of the week 2014 – Week 20

Arms outstretched, he flings the fishing net into the air. It soon spreads out to resemble a spider’s web before landing with a delicate “pssshhhh”, making a slight splash. As he turns around, his friend nods, happy with the outcome.

The setting sun catches the water in just a way to make the fishing net disappear from sight. In the distance, a bird squalls, but it is the only sound to be heard.

The two guys sit down and look around them. Seeing our boat, one of the guys throws up an arm to say hello. They are silent, and so are we.

After a few minutes, they lazily drift over to the fishing net, almost embarrassed that they have to disturb the scene.

The guy at the back holds the boat steady while the other drags the net out of the water. It is empty; they haven’t caught anything.

Unperturbed, the caster bundles the fishing net into a ball before flinging it into the air again.

Knowing he is being watched, he looks our way. This time it is us who nod, happy with the outcome.

The scene repeats itself.

Finally, the caster shouts out “ca, ca”́” (“fish, fish”). As he drags the fishing net onto their boat, he friend scurries over their equipment to see what’s been caught.

Once they untangled the fish from the net, they hold it high above their heads triumphant for us to see; it is a good size.

Laughing, we clap and whoop to show our appreciation of the show.

With a final wave goodbye, they row their small boat in one direction, and we move in the other, all of us happy in the knowledge that they were successful in their endeavours, that they won’t be going hungry for the night.

This was local life, and never had fishing in Hoi An, Vietnam, been so interesting to us…