Photo of the week 2014 – Week 23

As we walked back from the beach, off in the distance we could see dozens of people milling around where we had parked our car. With it there was a tow truck and a police car, so it’s safe to say we panicked at the sight.

“I knew we shouldn’t have parked there,” said Sarah-Jayne. “You knew we shouldn’t have parked there too. What are we going to do if our car is towed away?”

It was a valid question and one I didn’t really know how to answer. I tried to suppress the overwhelming urge of sickness that was building, but I couldn’t help but feel something was seriously wrong.

When we got to our car, a policeman came over and said in broken English, “Is this your car?”

“Yes officer.” My panic was now despair.

“Okay. Move it.”

That was all he said. Nothing more, nothing less.

As soon as I realised we weren’t in trouble in any way, relief washed over me and my inquisitive side took over.

As I surveyed the scene, there were a number of people looking down into the water by the port.

Curious, I told the policeman I would move the car in a minute and walked over.

At first, I didn’t see anything wrong. And then I saw it. A bright blue car parked in the water, definitely not how to park your car.

Now as I am sure you can imagine, this scene was strange for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there was a car parked in the water.

Secondly, it was facing the port, which meant someone must have reversed it in.

Which leads to thirdly, why on earth would someone reverse a car into a port?

I couldn’t help but laugh – it was just too random and funny.

I tried to find out what had gone on, but it was impossible; it will forever remain a mystery to me. No one really knew and no one could really explain it to me, including the owner of the car who was sitting in the front of the police car looking pretty despondent with the situation.

All I know is that’s how not to park your car…