One of the reasons I love being a backpacker

I think people don’t like backpackers. They’re badly dressed, with huge backpacks and straw hats, and they’re completely oblivious to their surroundings (a trait that makes a backpacker a backpacker in my eyes).

As I left Ipswich to travel to Heathrow Airport, some girl, and I say girl, because she can’t have been older than 14, shouted at me, “alright backpack!”, and I couldn’t help but smile. Firstly, I couldn’t quite work out if it was an insult or not (trust me, I’ve had a lot worse), and secondly, it was true.

Yes, I had a backpack on my back because I’m a backpacker; that’s what makes me happy, that’s what’s natural to me. As I always say, once a backpacker, always a backpacker.

When you get to a certain point of travelling you even find the thing easy to pack (I really don’t know why people complain about packing; I love it). My luggage weighed just under 8kg, an all-time low (beat that anyone…)

Anyway, I hit London in rush hour and people’s tolerance of me dropped to detest. And do you know what? I couldn’t have cared less. That was their problem, not mine. I was just another nameless, faceless backpacker… in a straw hat, and I knew that in a few hours (more like days) I would be in the sunny climbs of Australia once again.

I think the one thing that set’s backpackers aside from other travellers and tourists is we’re always so polite (I should add usually). We’re always smiling, as if we know what we’re about to experience is going to transcend reality, and will be more, so much more, than we were ever expecting.

Backpackers seem to walk around in this state of bliss, and do you know why? Because they’ve thrown off the constraints that society has put on them and they’re free to do what they want to do. Backpacking is exciting! There’s always a surge of emotion or adrenaline!

Anyway, I’ve got a plane to catch and some flight attendants to be ‘polite’ to. Just remember, once you’re a backpacker, you’re always a backpacker…