Photo of the week 2014 – Week 13

If I could only give you one piece of advice on accommodation in Australia it is this – live the park life.

Australia is famous for its outdoor lifestyle, so really immerse yourself in it and camp. Camp everywhere. Honestly, I mean it.

Camping is a great experience, but not only that, living the park life in Australia will save you a shed load of money. Most dorm rooms around Australia will set you back £15 to £20 a night. Compare that to camping? It’s £20 to £30 a night. But here’s the beautiful thing – it’s £20 to £30 for all of you. That means if you’ve got a car full of people, you are looking at a fiver a night. There aren’t many places around the world where you can get such a good rate, let alone in Australia!

The best thing about campsites is you’ve got everything you could ever wish for. Toilets? Check. Hot water? Check. Kitchen? Check. Electricity to charge all your stuff? Check. You really do have everything you’d get at a hostel and more, but do you know what the best thing is? The views.

The first time I went to Australia I spent 10 weeks travelling up the east coast, Sydney all the way up to Cairns. Every single night I stayed at a campsite, and every single morning I woke to the most beautiful views.

To me, the countryside optimises all that’s good and great about Australia. The country’s infamous for its size – I don’t know how but its horizons seem further away, its clouds seem higher up. With camping, you get views such as my ‘Photo of the Week’ as your four walls; better than a dorm room. Every day is different, every view is different. To me, park life is the only way to travel Australia…