Photo of the week 2014 – Week five

Continuing on my round the world trip, I went from Nepal to Bangladesh, and for my photo of the week I’ve gone from sunrise in the Himalayas to sunset in Bangladesh.

After travelling all around India and Nepal for five months, I had heard a lot said about Bangladesh and Bangladeshi’s. To say Indians spoke kindly of their neighbours would be like saying Scots speak kindly of the English; an utter lie.

Unfortunately, like most countries around the world, India and Bangladesh have a number of differences, disputes and disagreements, and after being told for months “don’t go to Bangladesh,” I wanted to see what it was all about for myself.

Travelling from the border to the capital Dhaka, a gruelling 12 hour journey where we watched the carnage of no less than four head-on collisions on a potholed road that was barely wide enough for one bus, let alone two, we were given a stark insight into the country. While we witnessed the chaos going on outside the bus, those first 12 hours provided the perfect simile for the country; a destructive beauty.

There was no doubt about it, if you looked beyond the commotion and confusion going on around you, every now and then you’d be given the opportunity to see just how beautiful the country truly was.

One such occasion happened in Cox’s Bazaar, the longest natural beach in the world and close to the border of Burma.

After seeing the hustle and bustle of a number of major cities, me and my friends seeked the calm refuge of the beach at Cox’s Bazaar. After another 12 hour bus ride, we arrived to the usual inquisitive stares of Bangladeshi’s that had been following us around the country.

Tired and sleep deprived, we didn’t go to the beach until late that afternoon, and we were immediately greeted by shards of gold breaking behind the clouds. It seemed almost symbolic that we were to witness such a sight on our own, so we could each savour the moment and appreciate it for what it was; one of the only times we were by ourselves, seeing a stunning sunset in Bangladesh…