Sleeping in an Airport

Created: 27 Mar 2014 / Categories: Blog

Some people see airports as a giant dorm room, a place to find a corner and catch some serious Z's. Sleeping in an airport is not only extremely practical, but it can offer a real alternative ...

Sleeping in a Dorm Room

Created: 20 Feb 2014 / Categories: Blog

Once you've been on the road for a few months you'll be a master in the art of sleeping in a dorm room. However, if you're new to it all you might benefit from a few hints & tips on how to get ...

Eating a Still-beating Snake Heart in Vietnam

Created: 10 Feb 2014 / Categories: Blog

It was raining outside. After watching the rain fall for what seemed like an eternity, Ben turned to me and said “how do you feel about eating a still-beating snake heart in Vietnam?”

Uncovering the Sex Trade Industry in Southeast Asia

Created: 09 Dec 2013 / Categories: Blog

In parts of Asia the sex trade industry is rife, and a number of countries are judged as being morally corrupt. As travellers, it is our responsibility to set a precedent. As people, it is our ...

Fighting Back

Created: 25 Nov 2013 / Categories: Blog

Yesterday I watched Manny Pacquiao school Brandon Rios in a bar packed full of Filipinos in Manila, everyone screaming and shouting every time he landed a punch, their voices together, united.