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A Plain of Jars

Created: 03 Mar 2014 / Categories: Blog

The sun burnt off any remnants of morning dew as it rose higher in the sky. What it left was a scene unchanged for thousands of years; a Plain of Jars. Individually, they are remarkable; ...

Selling Lobster in Borneo, Malaysia

Created: 24 Feb 2014 / Categories: Blog

As I peered over the edge, I saw a small boy smiling up at me. At the back of a bright blue wooden boat, he was sitting on a cage of full of lobster of which I had no doubt in my mind were in ...

Living in Yangshuo, China

Created: 17 Feb 2014 / Categories: Blog

I was standing in front of six advanced Chinese students wondering how I got there. Figuratively, not literally that is. I'd somehow managed to blag a job as an advanced English teacher in ...

Eating a Still-beating Snake Heart in Vietnam

Created: 10 Feb 2014 / Categories: Blog

It was raining outside. After watching the rain fall for what seemed like an eternity, Ben turned to me and said “how do you feel about eating a still-beating snake heart in Vietnam?”

Finding Friends in Thailand

Created: 03 Feb 2014 / Categories: Blog

For this weeks 'Photo of the Week', the one thing that jumped out was the number of photos with friends. When I went back to Thailand in 2009, I met up with a number of friends, so this post is ...