Cycling Around Sukhothai, Thailand

Created: 07 Apr 2014 / Categories: Blog

Wandering among ancient ruins, immersing yourself in a time forgotten, is what travelling is all about, and cycling around Sukhothai is one of those places that you can do that with consummate ease.

Pots and Prayers at Wat Pho, Thailand

Created: 10 Mar 2014 / Categories: Blog

Her hand stretches out. Methodically, meditatively, she drops a small coin into the pot. Its tinkle reverberates around the room. She is calm, at peace with herself among the pots & prayers. ...

Finding Friends in Thailand

Created: 03 Feb 2014 / Categories: Blog

For this weeks 'Photo of the Week', the one thing that jumped out was the number of photos with friends. When I went back to Thailand in 2009, I met up with a number of friends, so this post is ...

Flags Fluttering in the Wind

Created: 06 Jan 2014 / Categories: Blog

I would love to tell you which temple I took this photo at in Chiang Mai, but I’d be lying. To be honest with you, it doesn't really matter. To me, it symbolises getting lost and getting caught ...

A Stunning Sunset on Koh Pha Ngan

Created: 01 Jan 2014 / Categories: Blog

This year I’m going to start a completely new project; a new 'Photo of the Week' for 52 weeks. If I've calculated that right, that's the whole year. Though this isn't exactly a completely new or ...